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Episode 7 – Docker turns 10, Awesome Docker Compose examples and Scaling Kubernetes to 7,500 nodes at OpenAI

Docker turns 10 – When in 2013 Solomon Hykes demoed on stage at PyCon nobody could anticipate how this would fundamentally change how software is built, composed and rolled out. Listen to what happened when he explained the concept and showed off Docker for the first time to engineers:

Cool Docker compose examples – What better way to look more at Docker than finding some good implementation examples? There’s a great collection of over 100 Docker containers you can use with just a little bit of Docker experience. How much experience? Well, if you can use “git clone” and “docker-compose” you’re golden.

Scaling Kubernetes to 7,500 nodes – It’s really difficult these days to avoid hype around artificial intelligence. In the last few weeks and months, we have seen enormous advances in AI and some of these advances leave me baffled and speechless, for example, Midjourney image AI. I keep asking myself the question “where is this going to end?” Is it going to end in the Sirius Cybernetics corporation or in Cyberdyne Systems?

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